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Find a level that suits you

There are many ways to join TSVL and all are dependent on your skill level and interests.

Brand new to volleyball?

You've chosen a great activity to learn.  Volleyball is a relatively simple sport to grasp, but more challenging to master.  Many new players pick up the game quickly and advance to team play within a couple of seasons.   Volleyball does not require high endurance when you play in a typical evening.  Tournaments are a different story.  Many more sets are played and often at a higher level.

You will likely be most interested in joining TSVL's Recreational Division.  You join as an individual and placed on a team at the beginning of each season.  Teams include a balanced mix of new to more experienced players.  You will play all positions as teams use a "Rec" rotation.

Ready to move up a level?

You've played before, you're getting better at the basics and you're ready to learn positions.  The Intermediate Division is a great choice.  ID (as it's affectionately known) is our development division.  Intended for players to further develop their playing and team skills.  It's often the next step after Recreational if you wish to advance.  You do need a team to get into ID or you can get picked up by a team that is looking to build their roster.  Some players move on to the competitive division from ID, others prefer the level of play and stay.

Lots of experience?

You know positions.  You know what you're good at.  You've likely played for a few years either in school or more recently elsewhere.  You're ready for our Competitive Division.  You must be on a team to get into the Comp Division.  If you don't know teams yet, attend the recruitment night and try to get picked up by an existing team looking to fill out their roster.  You can also join the sub-list.  Teams are often looking for players to fill in throughout the season.  Sometimes it even turns into an offer to join a team.

The Comp Division plays in pools from low to high comp.  Each week your team will play in an appropriate pool and one team will advance to the next pool and one will move down.

Registration Season

Watch for registration opening in late August for the Fall season and December for the Winter season.  Registration sells out quickly so be prepared.  Read our Registration 101 to get ready.

The TSVL is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit adult volleyball league catering mainly to the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transpeople, queer and LGBTQ-friendly community in Toronto, Canada. The League provides an inclusive and fun environment to play volleyball and a social place to enjoy the company of new people and old friends.  TSVL is the largest not-for-profit gay sports league in Canada.  Learn More Here

Contact Info

Toronto Spartan Volleyball League
473 Church St., PO Box #232, Toronto, ON, M4Y 2C5

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Toronto is located on traditional territories of Indigenous people dating back countless generations, whose connection to this land continues to this date. As a result of past and ongoing colonization, invaluable culture, language, and history have been destroyed. In addition, we operate freely on land that was once the territory of a people that now have been displaced to other spaces and whose rights to hunt and fish have been denied.

We acknowledge that our league operates on the traditional territories of the Wendat, the Haudenosaunee, and the Anishinaabe peoples, whose presence here continues to this day. In particular, the gyms we play in are located on the territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit and within the boundaries of the Toronto Purchase Treaty (Treaty No 13) – a problematic “purchase” of land by the Crown from the River Credit Mississaugas and the subject of one of the largest claim settlements in Canadian history.

In recognizing that we are all treaty peoples, we will continue to acknowledge the land we operate on, but also work to uphold our treaty obligations to learn, understand, respect, and care for the land in partnership with its original stewards.