Board of Directors


We're a volunteer-run organization!

A completely volunteer-run organization, the TSVL's Board of Directors is comprised of four signing officers (President and three VPs, each on two-year terms) and eight directors (each on a one-year term), and meets on the first Wednesday of each month. Meeting minutes are available to members upon request.

The Annual General Meeting is hosted in May of each year. A healthy organization is an engaged organization; members are strongly encouraged to come and participate.


Dean C.

Email Dean here.

Vice President Communications

Adam S.

Email Adam here.

Vice President Finance

Chris (CJ) T.

Email CJ here.

Vice President Operations

David L.

Email David here.

Competitive Division Coordinator

Mith D.

Email Mith here.

Development Coordinator

Leo B.

Email Leo here.

Events Coordinator


Email Mohammed here.

Intermediate Division Coordinator

Sokny U.

Email Sokny here.

Recreational Division Coordinator

Ryan W.

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Tournaments Coordinator

Donald L

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About TSVL

The TSVL is a volunteer-run not-for-profit adult volleyball league catering mainly to the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transpeople, queer and LGBTQ-friendly community in Toronto, Canada. The League provides an inclusive and fun environment to play volleyball and a social place to enjoy the company of new people and old friends.

Contact Info

Toronto Spartan
Volleyball League

473 Church St.,
PO Box #232
Toronto, ON
M4Y 2C5

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