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Winter 2023 Recruitment Night January 17 - Riverdale

The new winter season Recruitment Night will be held on January 17 at 7:00pm at Riverdale Collegiate.  You're welcome to attend as a single player looking for a team, or a captain looking for another player.  All Comp levels are possible.  Contact Sokny at to register.

Winter 2023 Season Begins January 25

The new winter season begins Wednesday, January 25, 2023.  The division will be 16 teams again this season.  Players will soon be able to use the TeamSnap app to message their team and see your schedule.  You will also be able to login on TeamSnap online for even more options.

We will restart socials at Garage after play too.

Welcome to Intermediate

The Intermediate Division (ID) plays every Wednesday evening and focuses on creating a safe and fun environment for individuals who are looking to further develop their individual skills, and also learn to play positions.  Teams are formed by players themselves and submitted to the league, with the majority of roster administration being the responsibility of the team, not the league. The Intermediate Division consists of 16 teams and there will be an opportunity to play all the other teams over the course of a season (schedules permitting). No pools mean no weekly pool movement.  Formation: competitive formation is generally expected. However, middle setting formation (Rec rotation) will be allowed for the first few weeks for developing teams upon approval.


Your skill level is beyond a beginner. You should know the basics of bumping/passing and serving. You can volley without being called double all the time. You are familiar and comfortable with middle setting formation. You understand the importance of being a team player. You aspire to become a better player and are open to challenges such as skill training and learning captaining skills. You welcome more development even though that means game time will be shortened sometimes.

For more information, questions or assistance with finding a team or please contact Sokny U., Intermediate Division Coordinator:

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About TSVL

The TSVL is a volunteer-run not-for-profit adult volleyball league catering mainly to the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transpeople, queer and LGBTQ-friendly community in Toronto, Canada. The League provides an inclusive and fun environment to play volleyball and a social place to enjoy the company of new people and old friends.

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