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“The goal of Toronto Spartan Volleyball League Development portfolio is to promote learning and improvement in volleyball as players, referees and captains, fostering growth in the league and the sport.”

The following are offered to all TSVL members free of charge to develop and improve their volleyball skills and knowledge:
1 Captains and Leaders mentoring
2 Player Development Clinics
3 Team Development Clinics
4 Referee Clinics
If you are interested in attending or volunteering, please email the Development Coordinator at

Call out for Volleyball Development Trainers!
If you are someone who's well-versed in volleyball drills (or willing to learn) and want to support or assist the Volleyball Development program in TSVL. We are looking for you! Please email Leo @

Development Clinics Schedule TBA

Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm (dates on schedule)

Location: Danforth Tech (800 Greenwood Avenue one block North of Danforth/Greenwood; enter in the lane just East of the parking lot.)

Session #1: This will introduce players to the following basic volleyball skills:

serving: underhand, overhand
passing: bumping and setting
recreational-style positioning: theory and practice
cool down and volleyball game (time permitting)

Session #2: Players will review and practice the skills from Session#1. We will build on the skills and introduce spiking and blocking.

passing: bumping and setting
cool down and volleyball game (time permitting)

Session #3: Players will continue to practice the basic skills introduced from Session #1 and #2. There will be more focus on game-play situations.

passing: bumping and setting
With the last quarter remaining amount of time, the participants will end on playing a recreational-style game.

Session #4 will focus on:

passing: bumping and setting
competitive-style positioning
cool down and volleyball game

Session #5: Participants will be split into 4 groups. The groups will go to four drill stations for warm-up drills on passing: bump and set.

Participants then will play a full competitive-style game (with mentors as captains).

About TSVL

The TSVL is a volunteer-run not-for-profit adult volleyball league catering mainly to the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transpeople, queer and LGBTQ-friendly community in Toronto, Canada. The League provides an inclusive and fun environment to play volleyball and a social place to enjoy the company of new people and old friends.

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