Complaint Resolution

The Toronto Spartan Volleyball League (TSVL) is proud to be one of Canada’s largest LGBT sports leagues and growing each year. We’ve grown to this size by living our mission everyday: To provide a fun and safe place to play volleyball.

If you have a complaint about league operations, policies, or another TSVL member, or about a current member of the Board of Directors, we would appreciate you letting us know and giving us the opportunity to resolve your concerns. We take any complaint very seriously and promise to address your complaint in a timely, private, and professional manner.

The CRP includes four potential steps:


STEP 1 - Personal Resolution:

The person making the complaint (the Complainant) against another member (the Subject) is encouraged to let the Subject know about their concerns. This can be done informally and need not be in writing. The Complainant and Subject attempt to resolve the issue between themselves.

STEP 2 – Captain Mediation:

The Complainant and the Subject involve their respective team Captain(s) as mediator(s) to assist in reaching a resolution. Whether or not a resolution is achieved, the Captain(s) must also record the complaint, the parties’ respective email addresses, and the outcome (if any), and will provide a written update/report by email to the Associated Coordinator, depending on the nature and location of the complaint (i.e., Recreational, Intermediate or Competitive Division, Tournaments, Development, or Events).


STEP 3 – Associated Coordinator Mediation:

Where the Complainant is still dissatisfied after attempting a resolution in level 1 or 2, a written complaint is submitted to the Associated Coordinator.

That Coordinator then shares the written complaint with the Subject and will ask for their written response. The Coordinator will investigate and seek to resolve the complaint and, regardless of outcome, forward the complaint to the Complaint Resolution Subcommittee (CRS), which includes the President, VP-Operations, VP-Communications, VP-Finance and Associated Coordinator(s).

STEP 4 – Complaint Resolution Subcommittee:

If the complaint is unresolved, the CRS will then address the complaint. The CRS will review the complaint process to that point, then conduct any additional investigations it considers necessary and proportional to the nature of the complaint.

The VP-Operations will include the rest of the CRS (except those with a conflict of interest) on all communications and will copy the rest of the Board of Directors on the initial written complaint, the response by the Subject, and the resolution of the complaint. The decision of the CRS will be final.

NOTE: If an Official (i.e. a Captain, a Coordinator, or a member of the CRS) is already a party (i.e. Complainant or Subject) in a complaint, then they shall not participate in their Official capacity in the CRP of that complaint, but shall only participate in their capacity as a party.


TSVL exists to provide a fun and recreational activity for adults. Resolution will be easier and faster if all parties remember to keep in mind the ideals of sportsmanship, community, and camaraderie. That means:

  • Trying to view and understand the situation from the other person’s point of view.
  • Being open to the possibility of having misinterpreted things.
  • Saying you’re sorry – and being equally receptive to accepting an apology.
  • Considering all the facts before jumping to a conclusion.
  • Keeping it classy and maintaining a sense of perspective about the dispute.

About TSVL

The TSVL is a volunteer-run not-for-profit adult volleyball league catering mainly to the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transpeople, queer and LGBTQ-friendly community in Toronto, Canada. The League provides an inclusive and fun environment to play volleyball and a social place to enjoy the company of new people and old friends.

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